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Twice as Sharp® Professional Scissors Sharpener


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The Twice as Sharp® Professional Scissors Sharpener is designed to make sharpening shears fast, easy, and precise. The professional system comes equipped with a 100 grit sharpening wheel and a 600 grit professional honing wheel is also included to highly polish your edge leaving a shiny cosmetic finish. The professional honing wheel is designed for pet grooming shears, high quality fabric shears, and low priced barber and beauty shears. The Twice as Sharp® Professional Scissors Sharpener also comes fitted with an arm and clamp assembly that can be set to match all possible angles on any industrial scissors, grooming shear, or low-end beauty and barber shear up to 14 inches in length. This will allow you to confidently sharpen any shear to the exact best angle. Free shipping for orders in the USA. Additional shipping fee for international orders.


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