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Kai Luna: 3-Piece Knife Set


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This is the Kai Luna: 3-Piece Gift Set, which includes the Kai Luna paring knife, multi-utility knife, and chef's knife.

The Kai Luna paring knife is ideal for small jobs or precision cuts, like coring, peeling, or scoring foods.  While the Chef's knife is considered the workhorse of the kitchen, being an ideal choice for chopping, mincing, or dicing tasks.

Finally, the multi-utility knife completes the set through its dual-use blade where half of the blade has a traditional double-beveled edge and the other half has a serrated edge.  This allows the Kai Luna Multi-Utility knife to excel in many areas of food preparation, especially in slicing through fibrous foods such as vegetables, meats, and fish.

As being part of the Kai Luna collection, these blades have some very unique features.  A hammered finish can be found on each Kai Luna blade, which aids in food-release and adds to the overall pleasing aesthetics of the knives. Also, their blades are made of a high-carbon stainless steel.  The high-carbon content of the blades allows them to keep their edge for longer, lending to an extended cut-life.

Additionally, the blades are hand-sharpened and finished to a 16° angle, providing an unparalled, fatigue-free cutting experience.  Finally, the Luna knives feature an ergonomically designed, soft-grip handle for premier comfort while preparing your meals. 

These features put the Kai Luna knives a step above the rest, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen.

*Each blade includes a matching black sheath to ensure safe and easy storage.*

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