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Kai 7150SE: 6 inch Professional Scissor Serrated


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The Kai 7150SE - 6" Professional Serrated Scissors are a very versatile and powerful cutting tool.  The blade is made of a high-carbon stainless steel that ensures a sharp cut, all-the-way to the tip.  It also features handles made of "Elastomer" soft plastic, which are designed for better leverage and ease of handling while cutting.   Serration: The grooves of the on the edge of the blade are there to create friction and keep material from slipping for better control. This is not a pinking shear. The cut will be straight. Additionally, the Kai 7150SE are an ideal size for tasks such as trimming "dog ears," cut-work, clipping threads for chain-piecing, or any task where larger shears would be too bulky, but cutting power is still desired. This is also a popular size for use in your sewing/quilting kit when taking classes, and it works great when doing take-along projects.  WEIGHT: 2.1 OUNCES
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