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Kai N5627SE: 7 1/2″ Serrated Scissors


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This is the Kai N5627SE - 7 1/2" Serrated scissor.  This is a great all-purpose scissor that excels in cutting various materials and fabrics associated with crafting, sewing, and quilting projects.  Additionally, it is popular for use with projects involving fine fabrics as well.  The addition of the serration will give you extra grip on any project. Another unique feature of the Kai N5627SE is its large handle design.  The large handle design lends itself to premier comfort, and fatigue-free cutting. When compared to the Kai N5626SE, the Kai N5627SE has a one inch longer blade length.  This allows for a greater cut length, while still maintaining the clean and effortless cut expected from a Kai blade. As with all the Kai 5000 Series scissors, they are made of a hardened stainless steel.  This allows the blades to keep their edge for longer, and gives them a smooth, sharp cut all the way to the tip. WEIGHT: 2.3 OUNCES Free shipping for orders in the USA. Additional shipping fee for international orders


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