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Kai N3120SE: 4 1/2-inch Micro-Serrated Patchwork Scissors


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The KAI N3120SE - 4" Micro-Serrated scissor features serrated blades that help to grip fabrics such as satin, silk, wool, and other 'slippery' fabrics. It is also excellent on cotton for cutting multiple layers of patchwork piecing, and for cutting out applique.   This 4" version is ideal for finer, more detailed cutting.  Small appliques can be easily cut, even when working on slippery satin and silk.  Wool appliques are easily cut as well, especially when turning and cutting. Comes with plastic blade cap   WEIGHT: 1 OUNCE Free shipping for orders in the USA. Additional shipping fee for international orders.   3120SE 3120


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