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Kai 5210L: 8-inch True Left Handed Shears


Product Description

The KAI 5210L TRUE Left-Handed, 8" scissor has ergonomically soft handles which allow fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric.  Additionally, because of its soft handles and hardened stainless-steel blades, the 5210L can cut through multiple layers of denim with ease while trimming cottons without any fabric slippage.  

The KAI 5210L True Left-Handed scissors feature both a left-handed grip and left-handed blades.  This allows ease of use with your left hand, while also allowing you to see precisely where you are cutting. 

Please Note the difference between a 5210L True Left-Handed vs the 5220L:

The 5210L is a genuine left handed scissor with left-handed blades - and will not work if a left-handed person is used to working with right handled scissors, as they will actually be pulling the blades away from each other - preventing the cutting action from taking place properly. This will give the effect that the scissors are dull as they will fold the fabric.

The 5220L is a left handled scissor (the handles themselves fit in the left hand) with right handed blades. These scissors have been designed to work for a left-handed person who has learned to cut with right-handed scissors.


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Product Videos

Left Handed Scissors 01:14

DIY by Jane's Jane Monzures takes us through different left handed models available at KaiScissors.com Lefty, True Lefty, Professional.

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    DIY by Jane's Jane Monzures takes us through different left ha...

Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Scissors! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 14th 2020

    I really thought that scissors are just scissors with little real difference between them. Was I wrong? These are super sharp and amazingly comfortable to use. I will only buy Kai scissors in the future!

  2. Best ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 14th 2019

    As a textile artist and seamstress scissors are one of the most important tools I have. These are a great size, weight and so sharp. Best buy I've made in a long time.

  3. Serious Shears 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 3rd 2019

    These are the best shears that I have ever used.
    First true left handed. Others were right handed with left handed handles, not the same. Cutting is true and easy. Heavy duty, but not to heavy. Mostly I'm cutting thick, tight weave material for aquarium filter pads. First use was over 100 ft. of cuts with no hand fatigue

  4. Back again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 29th 2018

    I bought a pair of these 30 years ago. I have loved them and wore out the handles. The blades still worked. I love that I found them again online so I could get a new pair and have them just as fantastic as the first pair.

  5. For the Love of Lefty 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 3rd 2016

    I am so very pleased with the 5210L.These shears have made a huge improvement in my comfort and enthusiasm for sewing. More impressive is the prompt response from Kai when the first pair I received proved to be defective. The company immediately sent me a second pair. This second pair has been flawless and cuts cleanly . Their customer service is beyond compare. Thank you. TL

  6. Perfect for Lefty's 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 17th 2016

    These Kai True Left Handed Shears fit perfectly in my left hand as I cut fabric. They cut so effortlessly that they seem to glide as I cut. My hand doesn't get tired from cutting! Besides my sewing machine these shears are the best sewing investment I've made. I'm very happy with my purchase. The Kai customer support is awesome!!

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